Endeavour VI

Episode 1 - 'Pylon'

Production Company

Mammoth Screen / ITV


Colin Dexter, Russell Lewis


Johnny Kenton


Deanne Cunningham


Shaun Evans
Roger Allam

The direction and cinematography in this episode are astoundingly good. From the elegant and fluid opening sequence to the dramatic conclusion of the story... Some of the shots in the episode have a Constablesque grace… ★★★★★
The Custard TV
A suitably operatic overture… a rare prequel that not only manages to match the original but overtake it
The Guardian
Perfectly Pitched ★★★★★
The Radio Times
A flawless crime thriller. It has elevated the tv prequel.
The New Statesman
A marvellous collage of images crystallising life in Britain in 1969 ★★★★★
The Daily Mail